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Code Enforcement

Bruce Palmer
Zoning Administrator
5851 Mackinaw Road
Saginaw, MI. 48604
(989)792-7596 ext. 117

Kevin Stevens
Code Enforcement
(989)792-7596 Ext. 121

The Kochville Township Code of Ordinances can be found online for your convenience.

The code enforcement officer is authorized by the Township Board to ensure adherence to all ordinances, such as those pertaining to signs, junk and debris, and inoperable/unlicensed vehicles.

Permanent Signs
Notice: Permanent sign installations: Please fill out the Building Permit form located in the Building Department section on this site. We are no longer using the old permanent sign applications.

Sign Ordinance 16-06

  • The sign ordinance enforcement is under the authority of the Township’s code enforcement department.
  • Ordinance #14-08 was revised and adopted on August 26, 2014 replacing the original sign ordinance that was implemented on June 17th
  • Ordinance 153.061 (B) states that all non-conforming signs in existence at the time of adoption of this chapter are presumed to have a useful life that ends on 2-26-16. After which time, they must come into conformance.
  • Any non-conforming sign owner who believes their sign has a useful life beyond 2-26-2016 may file a petition with the sign board of appeals.
  • The sign review board which consists of the planning commission committee has the right to grant variances to the ordinance, if sufficient cause is warranted by the presentation of facts by the applicant which supports the request for a variance.
  • This process starts with a completed application and a $250 fee.
    • Plans drawn to a readable scale of the sign in question or a photo.
    • A site plan showing the location of the proposed sign plus all the existing structures and above ground utilities.
    • Site plan should include measurements from the sign to property lines and other adjacent structures.
    • A public hearing is scheduled within 45 days after receiving the application with all requested information.
    • Property owners are notified within 300 ft of the existing sign.
    • The applicant is required to attend the public hearing, and must be ready to present their case.

Please click on below for notice and application:
Sign Ordinance 16-06
Application for Sign Board of Appeals
Zoning Map
Future land use map

Ordinance No. 15-01 International Property Maintenance Code 2012
Ordinance No. 15-01
Notice of adoption

Enforcement Requests
The Township must take necessary action to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the public. If you have a concern about a possible property or fire code violation, we would like to know about it. Please contact the code enforcement officer Kevin Stevens at 989-792-7596, ext. 121 or Brandon Rossi, Fire Inspector for any fire safety complaint or related request at 989-792-7596, ext. 123.

Business Licenses
Businesses operating in Kochville Township are required to secure business licenses, which aid the Township in planning for adequate police and fire protection, equitable taxes, efficient utility services, and informed zoning. Licenses must be renewed yearly in April. You may download a business license application below or pick one up at the Township offices. Political, charitable, and religious establishments are exempt from business licenses. Please call the code enforcement officer/fire inspector for more information, including fees.

2021 Existing Business License Application

2021 New Business License Application

Forms may be emailed to

Business License: Home Occupation Supplementary

Zoning Permits
Zoning permits are now required for most residential improvements and construction on residential parcels. Zoning approvals and the resulting permits provide a means for Code Officials to protect us by ensuring proposed residential projects meet property line setbacks and other zoning requirements such as height, lot density and location of certain improvements. After receiving a zoning permit application, the Zoning Administrator will come out and visit the site and make an inspection based on the type of improvement and provide the property owner other information as may be applicable to your project.

Zoning permits are required for additions to a porch, deck, elevated patio, exterior wood burning, appliances, fences (new and replacement), garages (attached and detached) lean-to’s, metal carports, the moving of a structure on a lot, pole barns, retaining walls, swimming pools (except inflatable pools less than 24 inches deep), temporary buildings used during construction, and wind energy towers. Zoning permits may also be necessary for commercial fences not part of a site plan for a development. The zoning permit application is available below.

Zoning Permit

Americans with Disabilities Act for Businesses

Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
Please click on below for frequently asked questions about the installation and permits required for pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

Rental Ordinance 15-02
Kochville Township has adopted Ordinance No. 15-02 to provide for regulating rental properties within the township. Please click on below for complete ordinance and registration form

Rental Housing Licensing Ordinance

Rental Registration for 2017-2019

What every residential rental property owner should be aware of

The following permit applications and forms are provided in fill-able pdf format for your convenience.