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2017 Kochville Township Resolutions

17-01                           90 Day Temporary Moratorium
17-02                           Poverty Guidelines 2017
17-03                           Investment and Depository Policy
17-04                           Officer Salary-Deputy Treasurer
17-05                           Officer Salary-Deputy Clerk
17-06                           Revoke the 90 day Temporary Moratorium
17-07                           Township General Appropriations Act
17-08                           Officer Salary-Deputy Clerk
17-09                           Officer Salary-Deputy Treasurer
17-10                           Farmland and Open Space Preservation Application
17-11                           Adopt Water and Sewer Rates and Charges
17-12                           KFD Participate Mutual Aid Box Alarm System
17-13                           Amending the Approved FY 2016-17 Budget
17-14                           Special Assessment District Installation of a Water Main on Davis Road
17-15                           Tentatively Declare Intention to make Public Improvement/Tentatively Designate Hearing 
17-16                          Approve Amended and Restated Member Contract with MMWA
17-17                          Authorize Amendment and Restatement of Retirement Plan
17-18                          Accept a Trust-Fund Grant from the MI Dept of Natural Resources
17-19                          Commend Mr. Paul Baldwin Jr. for his 20.8 yrs of the KFD
17-20                          Authorize the Submission of a Grant Application to Purchase New Voting Equipment
17-21                          Adopt a Parade Route for the American Cancer Society
17-22                          Adopt the 2017 Saginaw County Hazard Mitigation Plan
17-23                          Authorize the KFD to Apply for MI Twp Participating Plan Risk Reduction Grant
17-24                          Objection of Transfer of Parcel of Property from the Foreclosing GVT Unit of Saginaw
17-25                          Approve Kochville Twp Continuing Efforts to Secure Financing through USDA Office
17-26                          Kochville Twp Board Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations for 2018
17-27                          Adjust the Building Dept Permit Fee-Adding Refundable Re-Inspection Fees

2018 Kochville Township Resolutions

18-01                           Authorizing Publications of Notice of Intent to Issue Bonds
18-02                           Poverty Guidelines 2018
18-03                           Adopt Water and Sewer Rates and Charges for 2018
18-04                           Kochville Township Path Extension
18-05                           Approval of Submittal of Land Water Conservation Fund Grant
18-06                           General Appropriations Act
18-07                           Deputy Clerk Wages
18-08                           Deputy Treasurer Wages
18-09                           Amending the Approved FY 2017-18 Budget
18-10                           Deputy Clerk Wages
18-11                           Deputy Treasurer Wages
18-12                           Authorizing Publications of Notice of Intent to Issue Bonds
18-13                           Approving Refund of Connection Fees Bay/Pierce Road
18-14                           Appointing Representative and Alternate to the NWUA
18-15                           Cancer Walk Parade Route
18-16                           Appointing Trustee and Alternate Trustee to MMWA
18-17                           Increase Fees for Curbside Solid Waste Services
18-18                           Opt Out of Medical Marihuana Facilities
18-19                           Establish Hearing on Special Assessment Roll
18-20                          Amending the approved FY 2018-19 Budget
18-21                          Health Care Cost Option
18-22                          Deputy Treasurer Wages
18-23                          Deputy Clerk Wages
18-24                          Confirming Assessment Roll Davis Road Water Main Extension
18-25                          Establish Meeting Dates for 2019

2019 Kochville Township Resolutions

19-01                         Authorizing Issuance of Capital Improvement Bonds
19-02                         Loan Resolution for Davis Road Waterline Project
19-03                         Povery Exemption
19-04                         Park & Recreation Master Plan 2018-2023
19-05                         2019 DDA Sidewalk Project Public Hearing Date
19-06                         2019 DDA Sidewalk Project Objection Resolution
19-07                         2018-2019 Budget Amendments
19-08                         Deputy Treasurer Wage
19-09                         Deputy Clerk Wage
19-10                         Appropriations Act for 2019-2020 Fiscal Year
19-11                         Confirming Assessment Roll for DDA Sidewalk Project
19-12                         Parcel Split
19-13                         Water and Sewer Rates
19-14                         Fire Dept. Mutual Aid Agreement
19-16                        Department of Natural Resources Grant
19-17                        Farmland and Open Space Preservation
19-18                        Permit Fee Schedule for Temporary Use Permits
19-19                        Permit Fee Scedule for Non-Structural Permits
19-20                        Davis Road Water Main Project
19-21                        Water and Sewer Rates
19-22                        Adopt a Parade Route for American Cancer Society
19-23                        Revise Non-Structural Permit Fees and Electrical Permit Application
19-24                        MMWA Agreements with American Waste, Inc. and WM Recycle America, LLC
19-25                       Special Use Permit for Stoneheart Solar, LLC