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Mid Michigan Waste Authority Special Waste Drop Off Event Dates

Message from MMWA:
While we are registering residents, we are offering them some tips and additional information. We recommend to residents that, the day before the event, they check the MMWA Facebook page or listen to our outgoing message for the most up to date information on the event. We also advise residents that, for the safety of all residents and onsite staff, we will be observing all public health and safety guidelines in place at the time of the event, including the wearing of facial coverings and observing social distancing, which means staying in your car and placing your materials in the bed of your truck or in the trunk or hatch of your car.  We also ask residents to approach MMWA headed north from Swan Creek Rd so that southbound traffic on S Miller Rd, which is a two lane road with a 40 mph speed limit, is not blocked with residents waiting to turn left into the facility.