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Public Hearing - 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 17, 2020 - Fire Assessment RENEWAL

Saginaw County, Michigan

Notice of Hearing on Proposed Special Assessment
for Fire Department Operations and for
the Purchase and Maintenance of Equipment


1.  The Township Board of Kochville Township ("Township Board"), Saginaw County, Michigan, has tentatively determined to create a special assessment district for the fire department operations and for the purchase and maintenance of equipment, all in conformance with Act 33, Public Acts of Michigan, 1951 ("Act"), as amended. 

2.  The special assessment which is being considered is two (2) mills ($2.00 per $1000) of the assessed value of all commercial and industrial premises, and one (1) mill on the assessed value of all agricultural, residential, unimproved commercial and industrial and all other premises not otherwise exempt.

 3.  The Township Board has tentatively designated the following special assessment district against which the cost of the fire department operations and the purchase and maintenance of equipment are to be assessed:

Each of the real properties located within the boundaries of the Township

4.  The Township Board will meet at the Kochville Veterans Hall, 3265 Kochville Road, on August 17, 2020, at 7:00 o'clock p.m.  Michigan Time, to hear and consider any objections to the above described special assessment district.

5.  If the Township Board approves the making of the special assessment, such assessment may be levied against properties that benefit thereby.  Act 186 of the Public Act of Michigan, 1973, as amended, provides that the special assessment must be protested at the hearing held for the purpose of confirming the special assessment roll before the Michigan Tax Tribunal may acquire jurisdiction of any dispute involving the special assessment.  The hearing for the purpose of confirming the special assessment roll will be held, if at all, at some time in the future pursuant to notice given as required by law.  Appearance and protest at such hearing is required in order to appeal the amount of the special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.  An owner of or party in interest in property to be assessed, or his or her agent, may appear in person to protest the special assessment, or may protest the special assessment by letter filed with the Township Clerk at or prior to the time of the hearing, in which case appearance in person is not required.

Kochville Township Clerk     

Notice Published in the following newspaper: Saginaw News

Kochville Township Fire Department
Special Assessment Information

 On July 20, 2020, the Kochville Township Board of Trustees adopted a resolution which initiated the procedures required to renew the Township’s Fire Department Special Assessment District.  The current special assessment provides funding for the operations of your fire department, which is set to expire in two years. The current assessment is set at 1 mill per $1,000.00 taxable value for non-commercial properties and 2 mills per $1,000.00 taxable value for commercial properties.  These millage rates have been in effect since 2008 and have not been increased in the last 12 years.   

The Board of Trustees decided to take pro-active approach in initiating the process for this special assessment district to be renewed, without any changes to the millage rates which are currently being assessed. We understand the current financial impacts of COVID-19 and have taken this under consideration as we move forward with the renewal, which is why you will not see an increase at this time.

The special assessment for fire department services is essential for the continued work of the Department for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Service demands have increased with added development and traffic in the township.  Last year, the Kochville Township Fire Department responded to 535 emergency incidents.
  • With the funding provided by the special assessment, your department has been able to update all of its  apparatus, equipment, and personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Another significant improvement to the department that has been made with the funds generated by this assessment is with our staffing, which is our most important resource. The current assessment funds a compliment of 20 paid-on-call firefighters, one full-time fire inspector, one part-time firefighter, and a part-time fire chief.
  • As a taxpayer, one of the most significant improvements you may have noticed is a decrease in your property insurance rates. With the funding generated by the special assessment district, ensuring that the department has updated equipment and PPE, the Insurance Services Office Property Protection Classification has improved from a 6/9 to a 5/5y, which means lower insurance costs to our residents.
  • Also, with the staffing during the daytime from the full and part time positions, our response times have decreased, which means we are getting to you quicker in your time of need.

If you have any questions about this special assessment, please feel free to contact Supervisor Jim Loiacano at 989-792-7596 or or Fire Chief Christopher Van Loo at 989-792-7596 or