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Public Hearing & Board of Trustees Meeting at 7:00 pm Monday, September 21, 2020

Saginaw County, Michigan

Notice of Hearing on Special Assessment Roll
Kochville Township Fire Protection Special Assessment


 1.  That the Township Board of Kochville Township (Township Board) Saginaw County, Michigan, has previously established a special assessment district for the purpose of funding  fire protection equipment and operations, all in conformance with Act 33 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1951 ("Act") as amended. 

2.  The Township Board has determined that the current special assessment, which is due to expire, be continued at the current  rate of two (2) mills on the taxable value of improved commercial and industrial real property not otherwise exempt, and one (1) mill on the taxable value of all other real property not otherwise exempt within the Township.

3.  The Special Assessment Roll for the Assessment District has been filed in the office of the Township Clerk for public examination.

4.  The Township Board will meet and hold a hearing in the Kochville Veterans Hall, 3265 Kochville Road, Kochville Township, Michigan, on the 21st day of September, 2020, at 7:00 o'clock p.m., Michigan Time, for the purpose of reviewing, considering any objections to and confirming the special assessment roll.  Appearance and protest of the special assessment at the hearing is required in order to appeal the amount of the special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.  An owner of or party in interest in the property to be assessed, or his or her agent, may appear in person to protest the special assessment, or may protest the special assessment by letter filed with the Township Clerk at or prior to the time of the hearing, in which case appearance in person is not required.  If the special assessment is protested as provided above, the owner or any party having an interest in the real property may file a written appeal of the special assessment with the Michigan Tax Tribunal or other court of competent jurisdiction within 30 days after the confirmation of the special assessment roll.


Kochville Township Clerk

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Date of Publication: September 3, 2020